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HY0205 PVC cling film

HY0205 PVC cling film
  • (1) food containers are covered to prevent infection by bacteria;
  • (2) to carry out a package of food, to facilitate the preservation of the food, to prevent its deterioration;
  • (3) used to store vegetables, fruits, etc., there are also some cooked food, hot food and food containing fat.
  • However, this plastic wrap is a one-time, so in the use of it can not be used, because it can not be reused.
  • Thickness: 0.009-0.012mm
  • Width: 100-450mm
  • Length: 20-3000m
  • Core diameter: I.D. 1",2" or 3" inch

HY0205 PVC cling film
Item Unit Test method Standard
Tensile Strength(MD) MPa GB 1040 ≥10
Tensile Strength(TD) ≥10
Elongation(MD) % ≥120
Elongation(TD) ≥120
Gas Transmission Rate(CO2) cm3/( m2 - 24h - atm ) GB 1038 ≥50000
Gas Transmission Rate(O2) 7000-20000
Rectangular Tear Strength (MD) N/cm HG2-167 ≥400
Rectangular Tear Strength (TD) ≥400
Light Transmittance % GB 2410 ≥90
Haze ≤3
Water Vapor Permeance g/(m2 - 24h) GB 1037 50-400
Self - adhesive N/cm GB 1040 ≥0.5
Note: This infor mation represents our best judgment on the work done,but the company assumes no liability whatsoever in connection with the use of infomation or findings contained herein.

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